Dec 28, 2011

12 Marketing Trends for 2012: #4


Mobile commerce is speeding along in the fast lane. According to the zanox Mobile Performance Barometer the number of mobile commerce transactions increased six-fold between July 2010 and July 2011. Fee and commission revenue has increased five-fold over the same period.

The number of mobile commerce transactions is exploding – with annual growth rates of almost 600 percent.

Chart 1: M-commerce vs. e-commerce: Number of transactions

The number of transactions made on mobile devices increased by around 600 percent between July 2010 and July 2011. The increase in e-commerce transactions over the same period was around 70 percent.

Chart 2: M-commerce vs. e-commerce: revenue
The percentage rise in mobile fee and provision revenue generated through the zanox network has also been much higher – a 480 percent increase for m-commerce compared with 35 percent in e-commerce.

Chart 3: M-commerce vs. e-commerce: affiliate programme with and without revenues from m-commerce

In July 2011, 58 percent of all affiliate programmes in the zanox ­network generated revenue from the mobile channel – compared with only 37% in July 2010

Chart 4: Comparison of performance by device

Owing to the amount of revenue from each transaction, the iPad is the top revenue generator in m-commerce.

More than 3800 advertisers generate direct sales through the zanox network in 12 countries and 14 languages. In 2010, 70 million transactions were executed over the network. In Germany alone in 2010, 1.5 million items of clothing, a million flights and 300000 DSL connections were sold.

With its transaction-based business model, the international zanox network offers the largest and most relevant European platform for analyzing trends and developments in the field of e-commerce and m-commerce. The results of this analysis are collated and ­prepared in the zanox Mobile Performance Barometer, which delivers key information on trends, changes in market share and user habits in the mobile shopping sector.