Jan 4, 2012

12 Marketing Trends for 2012: #5


Almost one in three people in the US access content on mobile devices like smartphones and tablet PCs. Millions of  people are doing so on a daily basis. If companies want to talk to their customers in a targeted way, they need to do it where the customers are: on the move. The time is ripe for mobile advertising.

The need to consume content while on the move via a mobile device continues to grow. The following facts and figures paint a clear picture:

Mobile ahead of internet.
In the USA, mobile applications have already overtaken the traditional internet. This will soon also be the case in Europe and there will be about 3.5 billion mobile internet users around the world by the end of this year.Use of tablet PCs is also booming. Between 2010 and 2015, the number of devices sold is likely to accelerate by 50 percent a year.

More searches.
There has been an explosion in the number of searches done via mobile internet, with an increase of 300 percent compared with 2010.

It's time to get mobile, because everybody already is.