May 25, 2012

There's no escape from HTML5

Microsoft is poised to embrace HTML5 and JavaScript-based development for its Windows 8 platform, making it easier for developers to create cross-platform apps. That's a sign of HTML5's increasing prominence, and an indication that all developers will need to master the standard, Patrick Hynds writes. "[E]ven if you are not already doing JavaScript, the odds are that there is HTML5 on some platform in your future," he argues.

Conventional wisdom is that if you cannot make something better, then the best course is to improve on the original instead. That wisdom has led us slowly to the development of HTML5. I say slowly, because it has been taking shape for many years now and has caused a great bit of infighting and posturing by the various stakeholders. In fact, even as of this writing, it has still not been completed officially, yet it is solid enough that the major browser makers have been adopting the features to a great enough extent that HTML5 development is here and real.Read the rest of the story here: SD Times