Oct 27, 2010

Online coupons -- guilty of working...

The jury is in — Printable Online Coupons are a very effective interactive marketing tactic. In addition to a coupon’s traditional marketing benefits (generating trial, demand and increased market share), on online coupon program can dramatically help improve a marketer’s web metrics — increasing new site traffic and repeat visits, encouraging more robust registration, increase email opt-ins and build customer profiles.

Study after study proves that online coupon usage, acceptance and redemption continue to increase. In a recent survey, PriceRunner reports:
  • Nearly three-fourths of consumers (73%) used at least one coupon they found online within the past six months. 
  • Almost one-in-five (19%) reported using online coupons six or more times in the past six months. 
  • Online coupon usage increases with income – 48% of $75k+ households used online coupons at least 4x per year compared to 23% for less than $35k households. 
Thanks to consumer demand and better controls, channel resistance to online coupons has practically disappeared. Retailers readily accept bar-coded online coupons and most of the larger brands have incorporated printable coupons into their online programs. Retailers also have the right to reject printed online coupons so it’s important to implement a coupon program that minimizes rejection and, consequently, consumer dissatisfaction.

Online Coupon Delivery OptionsLike any marketing program, an online coupon initiative should start with an objective-based, strategic plan. An interactive marketing agency, like Camp+Co., can help craft and execute an appropriate online coupon solution, from design to delivery.

To actually deliver the coupons, any of the large coupon delivery companies like Coupons, Inc. or through affiliate programs like Coupons.com. Typically, these larger coupon delivery companies require a significant set up fee per coupon ($2,500 +) and then charge $.10 or more for every coupon that’s downloaded by a consumer. They also require consumers to download an Active-X file.

Marketing the Online CouponJust because you build it, doesn’t mean they’ll come. It’s important to market an online coupon program just as you’d do any other promotion. Camp+Co. can help promote your coupons through a combination of email marketing, banner advertising, Pay-Per-Click, viral tactics or even rebuilding your brand site.

Whether you’re a large national marketer ready to test the online couponing waters or a regional brand with a limited budget, Camp+Co. will tailor a solution to meet your needs. For more information or an initial consultation, contact us.