Sep 14, 2010

Facebook introduces ‘social endorsement’ ad metrics

Palo Alto, Calif.—In an attempt to attach more quantifiable ROI metrics to social media advertising, Facebook has introduced a new metric, “social endorsement,” and added accompanying tools that assess the social effectiveness of ads on its sites.

The company’s new “Social %” feature on its Ads Manager platform offers a report on the number of ad impressions with “social endorsements”—that is, marketing messages that are tied to clicked “like” buttons. The tool also reports on the number of clicks on ads with social endorsements, among other measurements.

Of the new metric, the unofficial resource site All Facebook reported that its tests reveal a strong correlation between high “social context” and click through rates, but the correlation is not perfect. “For example, we were able to find ad campaigns which had very low social context but extremely high click through rates due to effective targeting,” All Facebook said.