Sep 27, 2010

Great Wireframe Program:

I needed to do a wireframe for a new mobile site today, and found a great new tool for doing so. It's an online site called Mockingbird. Super ease to use, very cost effective, and an all around great tool for all developers.

Web designers use wireframes in much the same way that builders use an architect's blueprints. It is certainly possible to build a website without a wireframe, just like it is possible to build a house without plans, but it is not a good idea. Whether an online store owner or marketer is designing her own site or communicating with designers, wireframes can be a significant asset, and Mockingbird makes creating wireframes as easy as using a web browser.

Mockingbird is a browser-based wireframing solution from Saikat Chakrabarti and Sheena Pakanati that enables even a novice to create professional looking wireframes in just a few minutes. The tool is intuitive, easy, and functional.Mockingbird is web based. It runs on any modern, HTML5 compliant browser (more about this anon). So that you can access your wireframes from any Internet-enabled computer and share your work with others. For example, you might develop a wireframe and share it with a partner, or even provide it to a designer to get a more accurate price quote.

I also like that Mockingbird thinks in projects not individual pages. In this way, I can create a wireframe for a home page, an about page, an contact form, or even a product detail page, and have them stored collectively as one project. If I used a star system it would ba 5 out of 5 stars program.