Sep 17, 2012

Why Web designers shouldn't forget about white space

White space can be an effective way to give your Web designs a little breathing room or to make your typography pop, writes Gisele Muller at WDL. Below, she profiles 20 plus websites that use white space to striking effect. My post on minimalist websites is one of my most popular (and you all know I like white space--a lot.) So when I ran across this post, well, I had to give it my props. Enjoy:

There has always been much debate on whether white is really a color. Someone who works with inks and pigments might argue that white is the absence of all color. While someone taking a more scientific approach would tell you that white has to be a color since it is the blending of all colors of light.

Whatever your stance is on white being a color, you can’t argue that it can have a big impact on a design – whether it is used to fill “white” space, or to create bold typography on a dark background. So for this post, we’ve gathered some very good web designs that make good use of white.