Jan 9, 2012

12 Marketing Trends for 2012: #7


Online marketing has enormous growth potential. Companies that succeed in combining digital and print intelligently will have a powerful tool at their disposal.

It opens up new advertising channels that can reach customers more quickly and more directly.

Advertising campaigns are cheaper to run.

Ask 50 experts what digital marketing is and you will get 50 different answers. This is because there are so many different ways of using new technologies, and the number is increasing all the time. Anyone wanting to succeed in digital marketing needs a strategy, and a concept that brings together different channels. Starbucks, for example, successfully used a combination of print and digital marketing to increase the impact of its advertising by 65%. And the cost of this combined campaign was only very slightly higher than for a pure print campaign.

Video advertising will play an important role in 2012, and it will be used especially for effective brand building. Brand advertising’s move into the online world opens up some exciting and very promising prospects.