Nov 18, 2011

Google+ brand pages--SEO, video, and more. Will it catch on???

"Another reason that brands and their agencies have raced in to Google+ is because of the potential future SEO value of participating in Google+. In addition, video chat feature Hangouts offers a unique way to connect with fans/followers vs. Facebook and Twitter. If the fans/followers/plusers don’t come all this will be relatively moot however."
-- Greg Sterling
The above quote is taken from Greg's article on It's a good read. Certainly, Google+ has a lot of ground to make up to catch Facebook, but Google+ is a very robust social media channel, with lots of potential. I like it and use it daily--it has a certain simplicity I admire, and a host of technical features that surpass Facebook. As Greg infers in his article, only time will tell whether Google+ will ever hit critical mass and be a contender.