Jun 1, 2011

Search Engine Optimization--What Works

Search Engine Optimization is a buzzword in most circles on the Internet yet few really understand what it is and how it works. Given this lack of understanding, most businesses, blogs, and individuals don’t get that it’s, for all intents and purposes, the life blood of ensuring online success. Most consider SEO with the same indifference or soft approach that has allowed competition to railroad them while, concurrently, making huge success stories from other online entrepreneurs [...]
Knowing the Difference
Companies, on average, spend far more on their advertising that they actually need to. Without guaranteed results, businesses will pour tons of money into approaches that they hope will work while basically ignoring the power of the search ranking. You can have the greatest ad campaign but if you’re not high on the list in a search, you might as well have not even tried. This will, in essence, make all of your work, planning, and advertising expenses virtually pointless. SEO is just one tool but it’s one of the most important and there are essentially just two types of SEO but both are not equal.

On-Page Optimization
This is when an individual or business directly relates to the content and structure of their own web site. Whether it’s hyperlinks on the web site or in documents or content. It’s, basically, when someone directly links back to themselves on the same site. It’s also considered the most ineffectual way to promote oneself. Many search engines widely discount the weight of this approach given the ease with which it can be abused. Some have considered this a stopgap measure but there are better approaches.

Off-Site Optimization
This is considered the best approach and can best be described when you create content, articles, or otherwise and place them on other web sites that will then link back to your web site. This usually increases your profile and search ranking in a big way. It’s widely viewed as the most influential potion of SEO but it’s not just about back links. If your content is filled with spam and junk content, you’re just shooting yourself in the foot and throwing good money after bad. You must have strong content on your site. Consider a site blog, white paper's on your site, lot's of written content describing your industry that is education. Do that, and you'll be way ahead in the SEO game.