Jun 9, 2011

Mobile Website: Build Half, Not Half-Assed

I love this take. Being in the midst of a mobile site build, I can tell you this advise is spot on. Sounds simple, but it's harder to implement then it sounds. Here's the advice: When it comes to a mobile website, "build half a product, not a half-ass product"[...]

Beware of the everything but the kitchen sink approach to web app development. Throw in every decent idea that comes along and you'll just wind up with a half-assed version of your product. What you really want to do is build half a product that kicks ass.

Stick to what's truly essential. Good ideas can be tabled. Take whatever you think your product should be and cut it in half. Pare features down until you're left with only the most essential ones. Then do it again.

Start with the heart of the app and base decisions on real world usage instead of hunches. Develop a lean, smart app and let it gain traction. Then you can start to add to the solid foundation you've built.

Here are some mobile apps in different categories that do a nice job: ESPN, Cars.com, Caterpillar. Pull out that mobile device and check'm out. Via 37Signals