Apr 23, 2011

Ignite Interest with Powerful Ideas

New communication channels are bringing humans together as never before. In just one click we can share our innermost thoughts with a million other minds. We can swap pictures of puppies. We can topple governments.

We should feel incredibly empowered. But often we don’t. Mostly what we feel is numb. It seems we've switched on something that we can't switch off. The stream of digital noise is forever flowing; it knows where we work and it follows us home.

We’re inundated by multichannel encroachments on our time and attention, and the more it bombards us the more desensitized we become.

So the looming question is: in a marketing environment made comatose by digital static, what can any business do to make itself heard? Why should anyone care about your company? This is the question that drives marketing breakthroughs.

After 15 years of helping world-class businesses succeed, there’s one thing I’m sure of—if your business is not evolving it is falling apart. It may be a slow decline, but it’s happening.

The kind of big and emotionally resonant ideas my clients need now to keep progressing can come from anywhere and take any form. I'm always on the lookout for inspiration. It may come from one of my favorite blogs, a trip to a museum, a meeting with a colleague, or a strategy session. Often, companies require unconventional DNA to be injected into their systems to create ideas that ignite. These unstoppable ideas, based on powerful emotion are behind everything I want to achieve for my clients.

Emotion is the key to intimacy between businesses, brands and people. It's there in every choice humans make, whether they're buying a mobile phone or signing multi-million dollar contracts.

Ignite intimacy with emotionally charged ideas and customers will run to your doorstep.