Mar 28, 2011

A Mobile Website is Vital for Your Business

Mobile websites are not just for global businesses.

If you have a business that depends primarily on local search, know that a mobile site is clearly mandatory these days, because people use mobile phones all day long and more frequently for local results, rather than home/office computers. With Smart Phones, the shift from laptop to mobile Internet access has increased by leaps and bounds. And with more people having cell phones with Internet access than even home access, your online presence will definitely not thrive without a mobile website.

Mobile websites provide a user with easier navigation and faster load time because your mobile site is created with fewer images, your primary content and designed in a manner for simple scrolling. Unlike your websites design to meet the standards of large monitor screens, your mobile site’s layout is designed to suit the smaller phone screens.

From a business aspect, here are some very important reasons you should get a mobile website.

1. Google has its own separate index for mobile sites. At this time, when you do a mobile search, the competition is very low, as businesses have not yet begin to realize the importance of a mobile site. So, if you create a mobile version of your website you stand a great chance of showing up higher in search rankings.

2. According to a January 2011 Nielsen Company fact sheet on device useage and audience, there are over 82.5 million mobile web phone users in the United States and the percentage of U.S. mobile subscribers with Smartphones is 31%.

3. Businesses with mobile websites stand a greater chance of building customer loyalty from Smartphone users, than those without mobile websites. Users want positive, convenient, non-frustrating online experiences. In a mobile search, with a user given the choice between your mobile site and a competitors regular website, the user will choose your site due to ease of access. Mobile users will become loyal to businesses that make their websites mobile-friendly. First impressions are everything and online people want positive experiences.

4. Mobile web is the fasted growing online market with mobile browsing having doubled in the recent years. There are now 3x more cell phones than computers.

Enough said?