Jan 19, 2011

2011--Will It Be The Year Mobile Marketing Takes Off?

Mobile Marketing has appeared on many B2B Marketing lists of things to watch in 2011. However, are consumers ready to get ad messages on their mobile devices? According to The Mobile Marketing Association and their annual “Top 10 Mobile Marketing Trends To Watch”, the answer is a big fat “yes!!!” What about in the B-to-B arena? The verdict is still out. So far, my b-to-b marketing connections are having a hard time developing mobile customer databases.

The association is predicting $13 – $14 billion will be spent in 2011 on mobile advertising. But whether you’re considering privacy issues, QR codes, Augmented Reality or even 3D, here I will outline the Mobile Marketing Associations top 10 trends in mobile marketing for 2011. Then you can answer the question on many marketers’ minds: are you ready?

MMA’s top ten for 2011
1. Personalization and privacy will drive effectiveness. The association is predicting that we will see the widespread adoption of permission-based activity as well as the introduction of both policy and apps to bloc unwanted messages.

2. It’s all about Apps – whether it’s a tablet or a 4G phone, apps will drive advertising revenue.

3. Free texting, calls and video chat – Skype on the iPad is already accomplishing this but more and more applications will surface to allow more “free” services like texting and video chat.

4. Windows 7 mobile is not dead – I’m not sure I agree with this one with the emergence of the Android platform, but hey, these guys are the experts.

5. HTML5 vs Apps war – Apps will continue their dominance in the development circle through 2013 with HTML5 driving the next wave of development. It’s a good time to be a mobile developer.

6. Location-Based Services and Augmented Reality Development Matures – The combination of these 2 services will drive consumer interest and excitement as new applications and advertising opportunities are developed.

7. Mobile payment replaces the ATM card? Will the dream of the electronic wallet finally become a reality in 2011? I sure hope so (and so do advertisers!)

8. Mobile blogging - (M0-blogs?) I think the larger trend here is that mobile devices like tablets will continue to bite into PC time as more power and usability is built into phones and tablets.

9. Say Goodbye to the “Feature Phone” -While my Mom will still use a feature phone, the Mobile Marketing Association predicts over 85% of all phones shipped in 2011 will be smart phones. What this really means: search! More and more users will be browsing the internet from their mobile phones and this is where the advertising opportunity becomes clear. Easy-to-read landing pages, multi-platform compatibility and intuitive interfaces will be required for all search engine marketers.

10. Mobile jumps on the 3D bandwagon – According to the association, an Indian mobile manufacturer called Spice Mobility has already introduced a phone with 3D capabilities. This will lead to new apps, content and plenty of opportunity for advertisers.

I think mobile is on the move in 2011 for consumers at least. I'm still working on the b-to-b side, so more on that later.