Oct 13, 2010

The 22 Step Social Media Marketing Plan

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been curating a list of social media marketing examples.  The list started with 100 examples (including 35+ from Mashable) and has since tripled in size with the participation of over a hundred contributors with examples from companies around the world.
We could probably come up with 3,000 examples instead of 300 – but the current set already gives us a pretty good sample to think about.  One takeaway: for now, those neurotic about missing “what’s next” can relax a bit.  Consumers still use a broader set of social tools than corporations, but new categories of tools aren’t emerging rapidly today, giving brands a chance to catch up.  It’s time to master the last big thing while you have a chance to catch a breath.
As corporate adoption emerges, there’s nothing wrong with learning lessons from others and making them your own.  Start by making sure you have all of your bases covered with the major tools.  In other words, copy and paste the items below, then fill in the blanks with your own company-driven effort.
Here’s a framework of 22 tools to consider with notable brand examples:
1. Blogs (Johnson & JohnsonDelta Air Lines)
2. Bookmarking/Tagging (Adobeadobe AIRKodak)
3. Brand monitoring (DellMINI)
4. Content aggregation (AlltopEMC)
5. Crowdsourcing/Voting (OracleStarbucks)
6. Discussion boards and forums (IBMMountain Dew)
7. Events and meetups (MolsonPampers)
8. Mashups (Fidelity InvestmentsNike)
9. Microblogging (methodWhole Foods)
10. Online video (EukanubaHome Depot)
11. Organization and staffing (FordPepsi)
12. Outreach programs (NokiaYum Brands)
13. Photosharing (RubbermaidUK Government)
14. Podcasting (EricssonMcDonalds)
15. Presentation sharing (CapGeminiDaimler AG)
16. Public Relations – social media releases (AvonIntel)
17. Ratings and reviews (LoblawsTurboTax)
18. Social networks: applications, fan pages, groups, and personalities (British AirwaysSaturn)
19. Sponsorships (Coca-ColaWhirlpool)
20. Virtual worlds (National GeographicToyota)
21. Widgets (Southwest AirlinesTarget)
22. Wikis (Second LifeT-Mobile Sidekick)
I haven’t found a single company doing all of these today. Forget divining a big, meaningful business objective before getting started – you’ll end up in analysis paralysis. Just make sure you’re making an existing business function better and get started.  Today.