Aug 13, 2010

Social media and your customers

Social media is like the youngster who does homework while listening to an iPod, talking on a cellphone and updating a Facebook profile—all at the same time. There are multiple inputs and outputs. Nearly instantaneous conversations. Some do’s and a lot of don’ts. There’s also the sheer volume of social media sources: Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Twitter, and tens of millions of blogs, some of which are creating fast-rising stars of new brands, or helping older ones find new life—and new customers. But what if your organization wouldn’t know a Twitter if it pecked them in the head? Based on material from their book “Citizen Marketers,” which documented the rise of customer-driven social media, authors Ben McConnell or Jackie Huba explain this new playing field in easy-to-understand way and how marketers should be, or shouldn’t be, involved.